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We Ain’t Got No Podcast — Episode 1: Chelsea 2019-20 season preview

Everybody’s favourite new podcast!

FBL-ENG-PR-CHELSEA-LAMPARD Photo credit should read ISABEL INFANTES/AFP/Getty Images

Welcome to the very first episode of We Ain’t Got No History’s new segment We Ain’t Got No Podcast, hosted by your very own Jimmy Funnell and Ram Srinivas!

For the first episode of the series, we were lucky enough to welcome blog ‘daddy’ Dávid Pásztor for a friendly chat to talk about what lies ahead for Chelsea Football Club. With the start of the new season just around the corner, tune in as we preview how Chelsea’s first year under Frank Lampard could potentially play out. What indications has preseason given us? What expectations for Lampard are realistic? Who could end up being our new star player? Will we finally see the integration of our academy players? What chances do Chelsea have of winning their first few games?

All these questions and more were answered so make sure to give us a listen and tell us what your thoughts are on how Chelsea’s season will in the comment section below!

DISCLAIMER: This was of course recorded before the David Luiz news broke so keep that in mind while listening.

Your hosts are Jimmy Funnell a.k.a. BromleyBlue (@JimmyFunnellCFC) and Ram Srinivas (@rramesss) joined by the big cheese and WAGNH chief, Dávid Pásztor (@D_Peezy):

We’ll be hosting our podcast on the platform Megaphone like every other SB Nation blog, and it should be available (soon) in all your favorite podcast Apps.

Enjoy, folks!

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