Aston Villa boss hails Chelsea loanee Ross Barkley’s immediate impact

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Things have gone quite well in the first month of the season for Ross Barkley at Aston Villa. Unable to carve out regular opportunities at Stamford Bridge since his arrival in January 2018, the 26-year-old has immediately become a central figure in Villa’s efforts to avoid another relegation battle like last season.

Beyond his play on the pitch and the two goals he’s scored already, including the 90th-minute winner against Leicester City that kept Villa a perfect four-for-four in the league, Barkley has also had a positive effect in the team’s dressing room. According to Villa manager Dean Smith, Barkley’s experience in the Champions League and at international level is providing an extra boost to the likes of Jack Grealish, and the fans as well.

“He has made a big impact, even just in the dressing room. That fact that we have been able to entice that calibre of player into the club has gone down well in the dressing room, with our staff and fans as well.

“He is a top player who has been in and amongst the Champions League in the last three or four years and has been a regular starter for England. His job now is to do well with Villa.”

Speaking of the national team, it’s been a full year since Barkley was last called up by Gareth Southgate to join the England squad, but surely, if the former Great Big English Hope keeps up these performances, he will be back in the frame for next summer’s European Championships.

“I’m sure Gareth Southgate will be watching and will be quite pleased he is playing regularly in the Premier League. That is what he felt he needed to do to get re-noticed. We are giving him the platform to do that.”

Barkley’s success has already started rumors about Villa turning his loan into a more permanent move before the end of the season, but Smith isn’t worried about such considerations just yet. It is far too early for these things anyway.

“[A permanent deal for Barkley is] nothing that has been talked about, our discussions were only for the end of the season.”

-Dean Smith; source: Sky Sports

Barkley will have two more years left on his Chelsea contract after this season, so he’s unlikely to go for cheap, especially if he has a great season. Time to start saving up, Villa!


rather he come back if he has a better season than all our mids.

esp because he can play both in the hole and the pivot, which none of our other two attacking mids can.

Depends on Gallagher's loan as well.

If he has a good season for West Brom then it might make more sense to sell Barkley for 30 mil (if he has a good season he’ll still only be 27 and an England international) and keep Gallagher, who can play both in a pivot and as a more attacking 8.

Selling Jorgi, Bakayoko and Barkley could give us much needed funds to get Rice and a top CB.

I prefer Zakaria to Rice, personally, but I like Rice more

I like Rice, get rid of the more

I like Rice more probably, also due to availability and the fact he seems to love Chelsea.

I doubt we’d have trouble keeping him if other big clubs become interested. That helps. But Zakaria is really good too, though I doubt our interest is really concrete at this point.

You're generous. 30 million for an established english PL player.

I demand at least 50 million with bonus rising till 60.
Don’t forget, Adding Barkley to villa side means staying in the premier league and avoiding relegation. That alone means per season guaranteed 100+ million in revenue.

No midtable PL club would be able to pay 50 million for Barkley.

And no top club that can would want him probably. So at least 30 million, maybe could stretch it to 35 or 40 million.

they paid 30m for Ollie Watkins.

They can pay more for Barkley.

Absolutely, Barkley should fetch

much more than 30m as he is now. No need to remove the English tax for other teams that we willingly pay.

We are talking about cash laden PL teams.

Leeds, a promoted side got a player valencia. Such is the financial might of premier league.
Lastly, Buying Barkley can mean consistent PL stability for Villa which in turn mean more than 100+ million per season just from TV rights.
If 60 million investment gets you that, it seems like a very very good deal from Villa’s side.

Gallagher is a monstrous prospect. I’m very very hopeful he gets into the squad next season.


What would be the difference this time? Why suddenly if we bring him back should we forget the past 3 years of incredibly mediocre and frustrating perfomances?

I rate Barkley, but he just does NOT cut it out for a top team. Also, who tf does he play ahead of? Certainly not Jorginho, Kovacic, Havertz, Kante, Mount. So who?

He plays ahead of mount

He can play in the wings, switch play and take long shots.

No, no he does not.

Again, compare the performances of Mount last season with Barkleys. You’re clutching at straws

Maybe you are the one clutching at straws. Majority of Barkley's performance since January has been impressive and he's been making an impact in majority of all the games he's started (bar the Bayern game)

Burnley (3-0); Spurs (2-1); Everton, Liverpool, FA Cup..
Barkley had 10G+A in just 1.7kmins for us or 1 goal contribution for every 170 mins last season
Lots of people saying Mount had a ‘decent’ output for his first season but 14G+A in 3.7k mins amounts to 1 goal contribution every 260 mins. That’s close to 2 times the rate of Ross lol; Barkley would be contribution 20+ goals if he had those sort of minutes for us.

But then again, I don't expect Barkley to continue those rates as a starter. He is what he is at Chelsea, a great squad player.

He’s a good player, but Mount is literally 21 and has a lot of time left in his development curve. And since Mount wasn’t necessarily the "creative genius" of the team(More of a guy who pressed a lot who actually had good technical ability, ie, a number 8), I’d call that a good output.
I’m going to make an analogy to hockey here(sort of what I do, I make football analogies for hockey as well lmao). Ross Barkley is the Michael Grabner of football. He has the toolset, and yet, lacks a toolbox. Which takes away his ability to be elite.

Technically mount is a younger willian.

And please stop all these he’s just 21 bull**t do you know what rashford was doing for his club at 21. I don’t see any significant increase in mount’s game in the near future. Footballers pick earlier in this age.

Just because people do rate youth more than some guy bought from other team doesn't mean that he is bad

Barkles had such a good time at Everton, who were in top 10, and here he was not supported by consistent change of managers. He is adept at playing in the wing.(which he proved in Everton) as well as and when he played here, he was bad in few matches, and good in few(same as mount) but his bad matches are highlighted, and good matches are brushed off. (same like Bakayoko).

If you say DD, I gladly accept he is a flop. But not barkles.

I wonder if when all is said and done for the career of Ross Barkley

whether he will be happy to have gone from Everton to Villa. (if we sell him). Boyhood club vs a slumbering giant. He won the EL with us though so he’s got a European trophy to his name.

It probably hasn't gone the way he imagined it all would, but I doubt he sees his Chelsea move as anything but positive.

Even if he drops back down a level to Villa for example, he’d still have had the wage and status increase, and as you said European football and a trophy or two. Did he also win the FA Cup under Conte?

Technically, yes

He made one sub appearance in the FA Cup winning run under Conte

and was on the bench for the semi final and final.

Was in the squad for an FA Cup trophy then, on top of a Europa League.

Not bad for him I’d say.

Considering he was a squad player I think he played his part.

That's a refreshing mentality from Aston Villa

Imagine if they get another player that the fans here keep bashing week in and week out, Mount, they’d be over the moon.

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