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Erling Haaland chooses path of least impact in signing with Manchester City

Transfer wars

Seven touches better than six touches

Business time

On that Romelu Lukaku interview

Maybe put your pitchforks away

Trust the process, and maybe don’t boo the team

Can’t spell supporter without "support"

Tino Anjorin set to join the Chelsea Buy-back Army

Out with the Loan Army, in with the Buy-back Army

What if ... Chelsea don’t sign anyone this summer?

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

Much ado about Haaland, nothing

Silly Seasoning

Two kilometres from history


It’s time to give N’Golo Kanté the Ballon d’Or

Football excellence

On the hilarious Eden Hazard and Willian Chelsea return rumors


UEFA banning The Super League teams now would guarantee The Super League

Choose wisely

The Battle of The (European) Super League is only just beginning

Who will save football’s soul, assuming there’s anything actually left of it?

Mason Mount did a remarkable thing, and you know what that means

But, must it?

Emma Hayes has created a monster with Chelsea FCW

Getting the best out of Chelsea’s wildly talented squad

Emma Hayes reportedly on AFC Wimbledon shortlist, and that’s insulting

Men’s football is not the zenith of women’s football

On Reece James and racist abuse on social media

Zero tolerance for racism

On Chelsea’s much improved corners

Turning the corner on corners

‘As we say in Portugal, they brought the bus and they left the bus in front of the goal’

Isn’t it ironic

In defense of Lampard and his rating of Pulisic: ‘I never doubted Christian’

Chelsea head coach responds to comments made by RB Salzburg’s Jesse Marsch

When do “individual errors” become the individual's error?

Can Lampard fix the defense?

Was it too soon to give Thiago Silva the start and the armband?

On Thiago Silva’s Premier League debut with Chelsea, against West Bromwich Albion

On Ruben Loftus-Cheek and devastating Achilles injuries

Patience and tempered expectations needed, at the very least

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Lampard isn't perfect and needs time to improve – giving that to him is the least we can do

Frank Lampard has earned the benefit of the doubt. Let's give it to him.

It’s not personal, Frank — It’s structural

Football isn’t a meritocracy, especially when it comes to race and leadership

Do not get too excited about the return of Ruben Loftus-Cheek

A warning to heed, if you know what’s good for you

UK begin easing lockdown restrictions, but Premier League must ease internal tensions first

Must find a workable compromise

Let’s blame Kepa!


Pleased to meet you, Ross Barkl...ovačić

Who is this Ross Barkley and what have you done with wait never mind don’t worry about it

Chelsea use no substitutions despite losing two key players to injuries earlier in week

A statistical curiosity or something to examine closer?

Lampard will need to wait until the summer to get the players he needs at Chelsea, probably

Obvious news is obvious

The Antonio Rüdiger incident is yet another battle lost in the war against racism

Racism on the rise, and not just in football

It took a while, but the burden of Chelsea's transfer ban is finally here

Ah there you are, you hideous beast