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Bayern Munich vs. Chelsea LFC, UEFA Women’s Champions League: Confirmed lineups

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Round of 32, second leg action from Germany. Chelsea hold a slim 1-0 advantage from last week’s first leg. Away goals do count.

Here we go!

Bayern Munich (3-4-3):
Zinsberger | Lewandowski, Demann, Laudehr | Faisst, Islacker, Behringer (c), Maier | Skorvankova, Rolfo, Rolser

Substitutes from: Beerensteyn, Leupolz, Roord, Vonkova, Wieder, Wenninger, Korpela

Chelsea LFC (3-4-3):
Lindahl | Eriksson, Flaherty, Bright | Thorisdottir, Mjelde, Chapman (c), Blundell | Bachmann, Kirby, Spence

Substitutes from: Davison, Carney, Aluko, Ji, Spencer, Dunn, Cuthbert

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 11 at 18:00 BST (1:00pm EDT)
Venue: Grünwalder Stadion, Munich, Germany
How to watch: The game will be broadcast and streamed live on Chelsea TV as well as on Chelsea’s official YouTube channel (free)!!

Emma Hayes goes with an unchanged lineup from last week’s home victory, while Bayern make on change as Mandy Islacker replaces Melania Leupolz.