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WATCH: Trailer for Chelsea FCW all-access documentary series ‘One Team One Dream’

Coming May 29 on DAZN

All-access sports documentaries are nothing new, but they’ve certainly become part of the fabric of professional sports over the past decade and change, for better or worse. Some have been genre-defining must watch entertainment, like HBO’s Hard Knocks (NFL) or Netflix’s Drive To Survive (Formula 1) and Cheer (Navarro College cheerleading, mostly). Some have been little more than thinly veiled marketing exercises of wafer-thin content (basically all the rest).

But while Drive To Survive has shown that it is possible to produce entertaining and insightful series by in-house media — to grow the popularity of the sport immensely to boot! — the gold standard of any such series remains Sunderland ‘Til I Die.

That’s why I was excited when the production company behind it, Fulwell 73 announced in 2019 that they would be creating a series on Chelsea FC Women as well. Slated as an 8-part series called “Taking Flight”, it was meant to cover the 2019-20 season. And then ... nothing happened. Or at least we heard nothing more of it. (Well, COVID happened, I’m guessing.)

Up until two days ago, when it was announced that DAZN had picked up the series for distribution! Now called “One Team One Dream: This Is Chelsea” and covering both the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons across six episodes rather than eight, the series will premiere May 29 on DAZN’s YouTube channel.

And now we have a trailer as well, which was shown during DAZN’s coverage of last night’s UEFA Women’s Champions League final (congrats, Lyon).

Looks promising!

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