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Vitesse cleared over 'irregular relationship' allegations with Chelsea

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

It's no secret that Chelsea and Vitesse have had a very close relationship, ever since Merab Jordania, a friend of Roman Abramovich, took over the Eredivisie club in 2010. But worries in the Netherlands arose in regards to how deep the connections between both clubs went, especially with Chelsea board member Marina Granovskaia reportedly working with Vitesse in numerous circumstances over the last few years.

The Dutch football association KNVB launched an investigation last year to see whether the Chelsea-Vitesse relationship went beyond limits, with suspicions that Chelsea were interfering with the running of the Dutch side. Today, the football association revealed the results of the investigation, finding no evidence backing up any claims that Chelsea interfere in and/or control any of Vitesse's operations.

"Vitesse have accurately informed the KNVB over its current ownership and legal structure. This is the main conclusion from the independent investigation into the club's current situation."

"Vitesse's legal structure is in compliance with the existing regulations."

"The KNVB and other experts looked into the transfer of the Vitesse shares in 2010 and no irregularities were found during said investigation. Ongoing reports in the media in 2014 prompted the KNVB to open talks with Vitesse again over their organisational structure in the interest of Dutch football's integrity."

"Vitesse fully cooperated and provided all the necessary documentation, as well as giving insight into the club's financial transactions between 2010 and 2014."

"The relationship between Vitesse and Chelsea was part of the investigation. The conclusion reached by the KNVB is that there is no evidence Chelsea have control in the policies of Vitesse."

"There is no written agreement between both clubs, but they do cooperate in certain areas, like loaning players. The loan agreements are in accordance with regulations and are similar to loan agreements involving other clubs."

-Source: KNVB via FourFourTwo

At the moment, Chelsea have 5 of their 33 loanees at Vitesse, with Lewis Baker, Dominic Solanke and most recently Isaiah Brown establishing themselves in the club's first-team.

Despite the conclusion reached by the investigations, it's likely that the uproar over the number of loanees sent by Chelsea not only to Vitesse but across the continent will continue.  Yet, this should be a good piece of news for Chelsea and Vitesse who will be able to continue their strong, "unofficial" partnership going forward with the blessing of the Dutch football association after all.

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