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Marc Cucurella not offered to Atlético Madrid, but Chelsea open to offers — report

Any takers?

Chelsea FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Nigel French/Sportsphoto/Allstar via Getty Images

At some point this week, the rumor mill in Spain cooked up a story about Chelsea offering Marc Cucurella to Atlético Madrid for a cool €65m, and despite that sounding like an obvious bit of fiction, especially at that price, Cucurella’s agent deemed it worth his time to use up some of his 600 tweet impressions (thanks, Elon) to call it out as “fake news”.

I suppose you could say that the representative may be playing a bit of 3-D chess here — by calling attention to the fake news, he gets his client’s name into the headlines, etc. — but we can probably rest assured that no one on this planet will pay €65m for Cucurella at the moment.

Still, as claimed in the most recent transfer round-up by The Guardian, Chelsea are open to a deal here and “the right offer [...] will not be turned down”. What might that right offer be? They don’t say. But there’s probably a much higher chance of Cucurella getting his act together than him joining the transfer parade.

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