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Christian Pulisic has no idea what’s next for his club career

Leaf on the wind

USMNT Training

Christian Pulisic has one year left on his Chelsea contract and he’s been among the players most likely to leave the club this summer for quite some time now. However, it would appear that there is nothing concrete for him in that regard just yet.

Time’s a-ticking, Christian!

“This summer, we’re obviously going to have to see what happens — it’s obviously very early. As of right now, I’m a Chelsea player and I plan to go back, but a lot of things can happen, a lot of things can change.”

“It’s really in the back of my head — I’m not even thinking about, right now, where do I want to be next season. Right now, I’m focused on the national team [then] I need to also rest after this, get away from the game a bit, and enjoy my break, see my family, all those kinds of good things. And then once it’s time to make decisions and see what options I have, then I’ll deal with it then.”

I mean, that’s all fine and good, and obviously he has people (agents, representatives, etc.) working for him whose job it is to handle all this kind of stuff, but that’s an approach perhaps a touch too nonchalant.

Pulisic has failed to make the leap to the next level as we had expected when he signed in 2019, and for his own career’s sake if nothing else, he needs to find consistent success at his next stop — wherever that may be.

“It’s obviously been an interesting journey at club level for me. I thought it was a great couple of years, and the last couple years just haven’t gone at all how I’ve planned them to be...”

“[And] it’s been a really tough season for me personally, and for our team, of course, at a club level. [...] I’m really excited to be [with the national team] and just to get some minutes on the field, and just get back to being that confident player that I know I can be, and just find my footing again — and just enjoy the game, because it feels like it’s been tough to do that lately.”

-Christian Pulisic; source: Inquirer

Pulisic has been linked with the likes of Juventus, AC Milan, and Newcastle, but it’s all been quite tentative so far.

There isn’t too much time to waste. The offseason is a bit shorter than normal thanks to mid-year World Cup and preseason should be starting in just about month...

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