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Chelsea to sound out even Antonio Conte in ‘thorough’ managerial search — report

Well, why not

Newcastle United v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

If the last few days are any indication, Chelsea’s (latest) managerial search will be about as dramatic and topsy-turvy as a proper transfer window, which is good because we might not have anything else to look forward to over the remaining couple months of this season — save for some good vibes with Super Frank and maybe another interim miracle in the Champions League of course.

That said, after striking out so spectacularly with The Chosen Midtable One, the club’s apparent insistence on conducting as thorough of a search as possible is certainly commendable. It does rely on the conceit that this job remains attractive — contrary to some of the usual narratives seen in the wake of every sacking — and that our eventual preferred choice won’t get snapped up by another team in the meantime.

So while Julian Nagelsmann is the early front-runner and Luis Enrique made a good impression in his interview, we’re only just getting started. Mauricio Pochettino may be next on the list, which may or may not include a whole host of other currently employed managers as well such as Luciano Spalletti and Oliver Glasner. Enzo’s former coach at River Plate, Marcelo Gallardo has also thrown his hat in the ring, but perhaps nothing would indicate just how thorough this search may get than the report from The Independent last night, claiming that we’re “considering a discussion” even with Antonio Conte!

(Listen, Todd, I was mostly joking when I mentioned this idea the other day. Mostly.)

I suppose there is no harm in asking or sounding out The Don, even if he’s now tainted as ex-Spurs. I mean you’d probably have to do it all over again in two years, but we might get some trophies until then...

As they say, you can take the Chelsea out of chaos, but you can’t take the chaos out of Chelsea!

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