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Chelsea extend Enzo Fernández’s contract by an additional year — report

uh, okay?

Real Madrid v Chelsea FC: Quarterfinal First Leg - UEFA Champions League Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Enzo Fernández signed an 8.5-year contract when he joined in January for a Premier League-record fee — and got everyone all hot and bothered, forcing UEFA to clarify their FFP accounting rules — but in what might be a move just to troll the rest of the football establishment, Chelsea have apparently decided to already activate our option to extend his contract by an additional year, to 2032.

If you’re counting, that’s now a 9-year contract, plus a couple months. I wonder if we still get re-amortize his fee over that period. The new UEFA rules (max amortization period of 5 years) were only set to take effect at the start of the new transfer window.

Of course, there is a massive potential downside to all these massively lengthy contracts, but the early returns on Enzo have been quite fantastic. The 22-year-old has settled in immediately and got to work barely needing any sort of adjustment period. In what’s been a terrible season full of inconsistent performances, he’s been a steadily excellent presence in the center of the pitch — and that’s without N’Golo Kanté, even!

Here’s to a brighter future and a long and very successful next decade in Chelsea Blue for Enzo!

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