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Romelu Lukaku has £37m ‘exit agreeement’ with Chelsea for 2024 — report

Just have to find a buyer

Torino FC v AS Roma - Serie A TIM Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

If you want to buy a used car, you have two options, in general (at least here in the States). You can go to a dealer or a private party and negotiate a deal. Or you can go to a CarMax (or a CarMax-like establishment), and pay the non-negotiable fee that’s set for each and every car on the lot and in the system. No haggling. No hassling. It’s not the best deal you’ll find, but it’s most likely the easiest. (Yes, it’s like buying just about anything else, but that’s still a novelty in the car business here.)

(This post is not sponsored by CarMax at all, but I’ve bought two cars from them over the years, and swore to never go with any other non-private seller after once spending literally all day at a “normal” dealer trying to buy a lame-ass Toyota. Terrible decision all around. Anyway.)

The reason I bring this up is because a) I’m bored and b) I’m bored enough that I watched a YouTube video from Fabrizio Romano, who claims that Chelsea and Romelu Lukaku have an “exit agreement” in place for next summer, set at a rather random £37m. He presents this as breaking news, but this actually matches the reports that claimed something quite similar when Lukaku’s current loan to AS Roma was finalized on Transfer Deadline Day.

It’s not a clause and there are no buyers lined up, but the price is set, so if anyone wonders into our showroom, we’re going to throw them the keys and hope that they’re ready to kick the tires on a 1993 model year Big Rom and make him go vroom-vroom.

And they just might be getting a hot rod (Hot Rom?) indeed! Lukaku has seven (7!) goals already, in just eight appearances, and is thus on track for a career year.

Obviously, it’s still very early, and Roma are always just one Mourinho special away from a dramatic meltdown (like winning just 1 of their first six Serie A matches this season, for example), but if Lukaku can keep up scoring through all the noise and drama, there might be a fair few £37m offers coming in after the season.

Let’s hope so!

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