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Benfica want to increase Enzo Fernández release clause — report



Chelsea seemed to have struck out quite definitely on Enzo Fernández a couple weeks ago already, but the idea of going back in one more time — especially with the looming changes to Financial Fair Play from UEFA — hasn’t quite died out just yet and will surely fuel a few more rumors before the end of the window.

Benfica seemed to have declared victory on their end already as well, but they are reportedly (trying to) add some extra insurance just in case something unexpected happens in the next three days. According to Record, they are hoping to increase Fernández’s release clause from €120m to €150m, and give Enzo himself a small bonus (€2m) in the process of agreeing that new proviso as well. Let’s call it a loyalty bonus.

This is a somewhat standard move in leagues where release clauses are mandatory (such as Portugal, or Spain), and it’s actually been rumored for a few weeks now as well. And it probably won’t affect any transfer prospects for the summer, when Benfica will be hoping for a massive bidding war anyway.

But for now, it probably does mean that we would have to cough up even more money, if we were to do something drastic here indeed. Unlikely, but they don’t call it Silly Season for nothing! Maybe we can race Benfica to the bank.

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