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Tuchel ‘will be a happy coach no matter what happens’ the rest of the transfer window

Wake him up, when September ends starts

Chelsea Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

With about two and a half days left in the transfer window, Chelsea co-owner, chairman, and interim sporting director Todd Boehly might need a few extra phones, pairs of hands, not to mention hours in the day to try to get everything done that we need to get done before the 11pm deadline on September 1.

There are several fringe players whose futures are still in limbo, and we’re of course still strongly pursuing multiple transfer targets of our own. It’s the latter that tend to dominate conversations, especially in the home stretch, but even if Boehly might be new to all this, Thomas Tuchel isn’t. And he knows that not every pursuit will end successfully, despite best intentions.

“Right now, I think we could need some more players in some positions, but it’s very close to the end of the transfer window, and when September 1 comes, I will be a happy coach no matter what happens. I will try to find solutions and not think about what might have happened or what could be.

“Everything that matters is reality, and at the moment what mattered was finding a way to win [against Leicester]. What will matter at Southampton is the same, find a way to win, step up individually and push the team from my side. This is what we will do no matter if players will come or not.”

As long as the window’s open, anything can happen. That sort of uncertainty can play both ways, and Tuchel recently talked about how important clarity can be for the team, for the players, and for himself.

Ahead of tonight’s game, he reiterated those views. And as much as he’s hoping for a few more pairs of legs, he’s also looking forward to focusing on just coaching once again (and the players also focusing on his coaching once again).

“[The players] are not only with us at Cobham. When they leave the building, they have their phone on, and they will get calls, think about their future, their next step, and there is a World Cup coming that everyone talks and thinks about.

“At the moment, I accept it’s like this. But from September 1, there are no more excuses and no more distractions. I am very, very happy when the transfer window is over because then we have different leverage to push players, and then the commitment has to be 100%, we will not accept 99%. The reality is that sometimes, in the last days of the window, you have to simply accept it no matter what you wish for. It’s the reality.”

-Thomas Tuchel; source: Football.London

We just have to get through about 60 more hours of this...

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