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Wesley Fofana ‘back and forth’ continues between Chelsea and Leicester City — reports

But more forth than back?

Arsenal FC v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Wesley Fofana walked over to the away section, all by his lonesome, after Leicester City’s 4-2 defeat at the Emirates on Saturday, and applauded the traveling support. He was eventually joined by the rest of his teammates, but it sure looked like a goodbye, though perhaps Fofana’s somber mood had more to do with his (and his team’s) rather disappointing performance over the preceding 90 minutes.

Foxes boss Brendan Rodgers played down the idea that it was the 21-year-old saying goodbye to the fans, but that may have been just The Brodge testing out the latest Apple product, a Steve Jobsian reality distortion field.

“You write he’s saying farewell. That’s your story. I think he was giving the fans a clap. I didn’t see it as a farewell. But you need to write what you need to write.”

-Brendan Rodgers; source: Leicester Mercury

Thankfully, he was giving them “a clap”, rather than “the clap”! Phrasing!

In any case, away from the football, talks appear to be continuing between Chelsea and Leicester, and there may be some softening at last from the latter, which could finally lead to an agreement.

On our side, we’re apparently trying to avoid making Fofana the most expensive defender ever, and thus sidestep all the added pressure that comes with that tag — and also get a deal done closer to £55m than £85m, which would be nice. Other than that, everything else, such as personal terms, should be a formality at worst, or perhaps already agreed.

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