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Bayern Munich make €75m bid for Matthijs De Ligt ... oh wait, no, they do not — reports

Silliness of the season

Juventus v US Salernitana - Serie A Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Chelsea looked to be in the driver’s seat, on pole position, in the lead, on the inside line, [insert racing metaphor here] for Matthijs De Ligt, but then our strategy fell apart worse than Charles LeClerc’s at Silverstone and we appear to be second in a two-horse race for the 22-year-old’s signature. If you ain’t first, you’re last, as the great philosopher-poet Reese Bobby once said.

With Bayern Munich hitting the turbo boost on their charm campaign like they’re David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider, Chelsea are about to be left behind in their dust. German media’s utterly convinced that De Ligt would prefer autobahns over motorways, but those reports also made it seem like Bayern didn’t have enough transfer fee torque to really get things moving. But now, Hot Days of Thunder Pedullà claims that the Bavarians are ready to deliver €75m, probably in person in a sweet, sweet 2022 BMW M5 CS. That would just about match the (reported) numbers on the Chelsea dyno.

Unfortunately, Pedullà’s claim might have sprung a flat already, with further reports coming in at Nurburgring-speed that Bayern haven’t actually gotten off the line just yet. Oh.

Will we ever get out from behind this safety car? Will we hit the fast pedal or just keep on coasting in neutral? As long as we keep the rumors revving high, we won’t be bored.

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