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Boehly considering scuttling the good ship Chelsea by signing Cristiano Ronaldo — report

Let’s not be silly

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Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Manchester United/Manchester United via Getty Images

The Cristiano Ronaldo speculation continues as the legendary 37-year-old tries to find a club who’d be silly enough to destroy their team structure and offer him a Champions League stage upon which to prance and pout (and presumably score a few goals, too).

Who might be silly enough to do something so incredibly silly, you might ask? According to the Athletic, Chelsea co-owners Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali, who are apparently “intrigued by the concept of recruiting such an iconic figure” — where by iconic figure they mean aging egomaniac superstar who needs to be the center of attention unless Las Vegas is being mentioned.

Even after the ownership change, Chelsea remain one of the few teams in the world who could afford the financial burden of such a mistake — at least for this season until we drop out of the Champions League by finishing outside the top four because we signed yet another immobile center forward who won’t be as easily and (relatively) quietly sidelined as Romelu Lukaku was (for now). With the ownership change, and without the bottomless funding of Roman Abramovich, we cannot afford competitive mistakes like that.

All this speculation seems to stem from Boehly, who seems much more open to dealing with super-agents than his predecessor, reportedly meeting with Jorge Mendes last month. Mendes represents dozens and dozens of players, but Cristiano’s obviously the big headline ticket. Hopefully that’s all this remains: speculation and “monitoring”.

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