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Napoli closing in on Kepa Arrizabalaga loan from Chelsea — reports

It’s happening?

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Udinese v Chelsea - Friendly Match Photo by Ettore Griffoni/LiveMedia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Chelsea have been trying to find a solution to Kepa Arrizabalaga’s situation for quite some time, but, unsurprisingly, trying to shift the world’s most expensive goalkeeper has proven to be a pretty tough task.

But, it sounds like we might finally have a potential arrangement that will satisfy all involved, though one that isn’t really all that advantageous for us as a club. I suppose we can’t really expect to come out ahead from this situation either way.

According to recent rumblings, including reports from the Mail and the Athletic, Chelsea and Napoli are closing in on a loan agreement for the 27-year-old, though one that will apparently see Chelsea cover as much as 75 per cent of his wages still, in exchange for a pittance of a loan fee, possibly around €1.5m. One might wonder what is even the point of sending him on loan then, but I suppose it’s the best we can hope to do.

Kepa would replace last year’s first-choice David Ospina, who’s left the club, and provide the sort of “non-donkey” competition for Alex Meret that club owner Aurelio Di Laurentiis wants.

“In our history, we have always had two quality goalkeepers with a lot of character, then there was a third as reserve, but the first two cannot be reserves. We cannot have one good goalkeeper and a donkey of a second goalkeeper just to keep the first one happy. I doubt Meret could think such a thing.

“If there is an injury for Meret, who goes in goal? A goalkeeper cannot play all 52 matches per season, he has to divide it up.”

-Aurelio Di Laurentiis; source: Radio Kiss Kiss via Football Italia


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