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Barcelona still pushing for Koundé and no one knows what’s going on

Silliest of seasons

Levante UD v Sevilla FC - La Liga Santander Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

The Jules Koundé “saga” has taken another “unexpected turn”, though calling any turn unexpected in this saga may be a bit too bold considering that this entire saga has been nothing but unexpected turns.

Koundé has been expected to become a Chelsea player several times not just in the past week and past month, but in the past year, and yet here we are still, without Koundé in Blue. In fact, just when it looked like the situation was finally clarifying, it’s now become more confusing than ever.

Here’s a long thread from Ben Jacobs that seems to sum it well. Basically, it’s out of our hands. The gazumping that was on, then off, might now be on again.

Since nothing is official yet, Barcelona are still pushing and apparently if they are able to scrape together an actual formal offer, they might yet beat us once again. Clearly, Koundé is willing to consider this possibility, having not put a stop to all this nonsense by pushing the already-agreed Chelsea deal through.

So I guess we now wait for the next turn. Or we just turn off the noise and wait for something official.

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