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Thomas Tuchel ‘reluctant’ to consent to Cristiano Ronaldo ‘swoop’ by Chelsea — report

...and consent is key


The Cristiano Ronaldo-to-Chelsea rumor cycle is slowly reaching its (hopefully!) obvious conclusion, namely that Chelsea are not going to bid for the 37-year-old and scuttle the good work we’re doing in building a dynamic, fluid, hard-working, cohesive team for long-term sustained success.

It’s made for some enticing headlines of course, and Chelsea’s new owners make easy targets given their relative lack of experience, their nationality, and potentially misplaced priorities — i.e. Cristiano’s marketing potential versus his footballing potential — but they have supposedly empowered head coach Thomas Tuchel to have the final say on footballing matters. And according to the Daily Mail, that final say on the footballing matter of Cristiano Ronaldo is reluctance, at best. That shouldn’t be surprising given the way the Romelu Lukaku experiment has turned out, but common sense hardly pervades transfer rumors.

Super-agent Jorge Mendes may yet be able to get Cristiano out of Manchester United and into a Champions League-playing club, but hopefully that won’t be us. While we could certainly use a proven goalscorer, and few have proven themselves in that regard as completely as the 37-year-old legend of the game, the attack that’s being envisioned at Stamford Bridge should be quite capable of scoring enough goals as well — and also improving in that regard in the coming years, with almost all of our key attacking players still in their early 20s.

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