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Romelu Lukaku chooses not to comment on his future, as Inter Milan rumors continue to swirl

He prefers not to speak

Belgium v Netherlands UEFA Nations League Media Activities 2/06/2022 Photo by Nico Vereecken / Photo News via Getty Images

If Romelu Lukaku is determined to stay at Chelsea, he passed up a golden opportunity to publicly declare those intentions when quizzed by a reporter yesterday at Belgium’s training camp ahead of their Nations League matches against Netherlands, Poland, and Wales.

Of course, pleading the fifth doesn’t necessarily mean the opposite either, and maybe he was just not in the mood to engage some rumor-mongering reporter — perhaps a welcome departure, even, from his usual chattiness — but saying “I can’t speak” is a rather Mourinho-esque way of actually speaking quite loudly, especially in the current environment of continually swirling rumors from Italy. (Lukaku recently also commended himself for “keeping his mouth shut” over the past six months, so maybe he’s just a reformed man? But again, this would’ve been a great opportunity to actually talk.)

While Lukaku isn’t speaking publicly, behind the scenes he’s said to be doing quite a bit of speaking, with Corriere dello Sport (via Football Italia) claiming that he’s told Inter that he will “take care of convincing Chelsea to release him on loan this summer”.

That said, Chelsea have reportedly not heard from either Lukaku or Inter, and if the Nerazzurri are to complete this swoop by the end of the month (to take advantage of some sort of tax break via Italy’s “Growth Decree”), they better get to doing so soon. We’re open for business now, haven’t they heard?

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