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‘He has to’: Thiago Silva wants Neymar to come to Chelsea!


Paris Saint-Germain’ Training Session In Paris Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

Chelsea have had a quiet first month of the transfer window, but we’ve now arrived to the Silly Season party and we’re ready to throw down. Raheem Sterling and Raphinha look to be happening, and while that’s surely enough — the priority’s supposed to be defense, right? — here’s something that would surely make a big splash on the scene for our new owners.

And it would come with the added benefit of an endorsement from our most respected team member!

Obviously, Thiago Silva and Neymar Jr have been friends and teammates for a long time, at both PSG and the Brazil national football team, but still, if Thiago says this would be the “best” for all involved, I’m inclined to believe him.

“He has to go to Chelsea. If that happens, it would be for the best. This needs no further comments...

“So far I don’t know anything, but I hope it comes to fruition.”

-Thiago Silva; source: UOL

Silva was speaking at some event in Recife, and while his tongue may have been a bit in cheek, a lot of truth is said in jest, and you get the feeling he’s only half-joking.

Signing Neymar, assuming that’s in fact a possibility twelve years after we tried very hard, and not just a narrative thread that the rumor mill has decided to toy with, may not make the most footballing sense, the most financial sense, the most any-sense, but it might be a lot of fun.

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