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Rüdiger confirms continuing Chelsea contract talks, keeping focus fully on football

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Chelsea v Palmeiras: Final - FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2021 Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

Antonio Rüdiger has hinted the other day that the ball is in Chelsea’s court as far as his contract negotiations are concerned, but in a chat with Germany’s Sport 1, he has also confirmed that those negotiations remain active and ongoing. And as long as there are talks, there is hope of an agreement.

Toni himself is of course focusing on the football, and letting his agents do their thing.

“I recently emphasized that talks are taking place between my side and the club and that’s all I can say about it at the moment. I can also assure you that, despite the major media issue, I will never allow myself to be distracted by current sporting events. I think you’ve seen that in the last few months.”

Indeed we have seen that not only in the last few months, but in the past twelve months and change, with Rüdiger becoming a key figure in Thomas Tuchel’s trophy triumphs on the pitch and in the dressing room as well.

And Toni has certainly been enjoying his time with Tuchel in charge.

“[Tuchel] is an absolute football expert who knows exactly what he expects from us on the pitch, and I think you can tell by looking at us. With his style, he takes the whole team with him and doesn’t forget anyone. [...] His way of working suits me and my way of playing football very well. I think you can see the trust that is placed in me in my performance.

“Luckily he was able to rejoin our team just in time after his Covid isolation, so we could prepare for the final as normal. If his final speech had taken place via Zoom, it would certainly have been very unfavorable.”

-Antonio Rüdiger; source: Sport 1

While things can change very quickly in football, Tuchel and Rüdiger have been reaping the rewards of each other’s hard work, and hopefully that can continue for some time yet.

(Rüdiger’s also targeting success with Germany at the World Cup, while continuing his efforts to help the disadvantaged with his new foundation in Sierra Leone and other events back in Berlin.)

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