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Benfica deny club president’s interview, reiterate intention to keep Enzo Fernández

Oh, he gone then

SOCCER: DEC 18 FIFA World Cup Final - France v Argentina Photo by Florencia Tan Jun/PxImages/Icon Sportwire

Things are heating up nicely in the Enzo Fernández situation, with his current club, Benfica releasing an official statement in the last few hours to not only reiterate their intention to keep the 21-year-old breakout star until the end of the season, but also to deny that their club president, Rui Costa, had ever said to DAZN anything to the contrary.

Costa’s words, as per a story by DAZN journalist Orazio Accomando, seems to suggest that Benfica have resigned themselves to losing the midfielder in January ... which they may as well, since there is absolutely nothing they can actually do if any team pays the player’s release clause (€120m). That’s how release clauses work!

Denying those words seems a bit panicky — regardless of who’s right or if they even exist — so maybe Enzo’s packing his bags already.

The statement does underline the understanding that Benfica will not be negotiating in the winter transfer window, so if we want Enzo, we will have to pay the release clause (with all of its extra financial and tax implications).

Well, The Toddster, whatd’ya say?

SL Benfica clarifies that at no time did the President of the Club, Rui Costa, utter the words that are being disseminated in Italy by DAZN.

Sport Lisboa e Benfica reiterates its intention to count on the player Enzo Fernández until the end of the season.

-Benfica statement (emphasis theirs) via Google Translate

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