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Chelsea made bookies’ favorite after Cristiano Ronaldo burns all his bridges at Manchester United

Here we go again?

Aston Villa v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Two of the biggest boobs in all of entertainment got together recently and produced an interview so staggeringly ridiculous, that it almost must be seen to be believed — once it comes out later this week that is; so far only a few key clips have been released though causing maximum impact already.

But since this interview involves Cristiano Ronaldo and Piers Morgan, I cannot actually recommend you do that. So, picture the Romelu Lukaku interview form this time last year, but with Lukaku running around with a box of matches and a giant can of lighter fluid.

And the specifics don’t particularly concern me, with false-Ronaldo whining about his perceived treatment at Manchester United, and burning his bridges with the club, his teammates, and his head coach in the process. Doesn’t look like there’s any way from here — not that either side would want to at this point, one would think.

It’s that latter part that concerns me, with Chelsea made the bookies’ favorite immediately as Cristiano Ronaldo’s next club. (AS Roma a close second.)

Thankfully, bookmaker odds are based more on the gullibility of potential customers than the reflection of real life possibilities. But we also know that Chelsea co-owner and (still) interim sporting director Todd Boehly sees only big dollar signs when he looks at the otherwise toxic presence of Cristiano, and unlike back in the summer, we no longer have the checks and balances provided by Thomas Tuchel. Graham Potter has been said to share Tuchel’s sensibilities in this regard, but his resolve hasn’t been tested and he may not have as much leverage at the moment given the team’s recent results.

So, yeah, please, Mr Todd, in case you read this or see the headlines or get bored or whatever, keep steering clear. Thanks bunches!

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