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Borussia Dortmund director still not worried about Haaland rumors, ‘hot air’, hypothetical Chelsea bid

More of the same

Training Camp Borussia Dortmund Photo by David Inderlied/picture alliance via Getty Images

Outgoing Borussia Dormund director of football, Michael Zorc has had to answer questions and deny rumors so often about Erling Haaland this summer that some have taken to calling him the “Parrott of Dortmund”. But Zorc, who will be succeeded by Sebastien Kehl at the end of the season, is not deterred by that label and is more than willing to keep repeating himself as long as the transfer window is open and the rumor mill keeps churning about Chelsea’s supposed intentions.

For Zorc, all of that is just “hot air”, with numbers like €175m just fabrications of idle minds. Perhaps the only thing he’s wrong about is that Chelsea could certainly conjure up that amount without needing the guaranteed income of a Super League.

“He can’t leave if we don’t agree. That’s a fact. We made our position very clear in an interview with his advisor. And by the way, Erling himself said in his media round in Bad Ragaz that he will play for BVB in the coming season.”

“That is a purely hypothetical question [turning down €175m from Chelsea]. A: Because this offer is not there and is not expected. And B: Because we are a football club that is geared towards achieving sporting success. Every shareholder knows that this is our job — while maintaining the economic balance. We don’t have to sell Erling. In addition: When these figures were circulating in the media, some protagonists were probably still dreaming of the Super League. This is hot air.”

-Michael Zorc; source: DPA via WDR

I would say that surely this is now the (manyeth) end of the Haaland wishfest, but there’s still a month left in the transfer window, which is plenty of time to keep rehashing and revisiting and reigniting what’s been nothing more than false hope thus far.

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