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Chelsea loanee Kenedy does not want to leave Flamengo — report

Wants to make it work

Gremio v Flamengo - Brasileirao 2021 Photo by Silvio Avila/Getty Images

Robert Kenedy’s loan move to Flamengo has not quite worked out as well as all the attention, complications, and hype surrounding his move would have led everyone to believe — and that has started to a few rumors about him leaving — but the 25-year-old is determined to make things work still.

According to a report from BolaVIP, Kenedy’s hoping that a full pre-season over these winter months will get him set up to go properly for the team. Flamengo begin the Rio state championships in a month’s time, in late January, while the national Série A starts in April. Kenedy’s loan contract is good through the end of June, with the team reportedly holding a €10m buy-option.

A report earlier this week linked Kenedy with a possible move to Shakhtar Donetsk, but he appears to prefer the beaches of Rio to steppes of the Donbas, and who can blame him.