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Chelsea ‘considering’ Avram Grant to work WITH Frank Lampard — report

Uh huh

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Chelsea Training Session Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Avram Grant tops no one’s list of best Chelsea managers, modern or otherwise, but in terms of strict statistics, he does have the best winning percentage and the most points-per-game in the league of of any coach in the Abramovich Era. (And Lampard’s the worst.)

Of course, Grant also managed one of the strongest Chelsea squads of all time (physically, mentally, skills-wise), one that had been molded by Jose Mourinho into serial winners over the previous three seasons. And yet, Grant still managed to lose two finals in his (almost) one season of management at the club, and finish second in the league by two points.

Second place may be strong with Grant, but apparently we’re “considering” bringing him back as some sort of “team manager” to help out Frank Lampard — which sounds just as ominous as it did in 2007, when The Undertaker (and I don’t mean the wrestler) was appointed director in the summer then head coach a couple months later without any actual head coaching licenses.

In any case, before anyone gets too emotional over this, know that this rumor started as a teamTALK “exclusive” yesterday before being picked up by other outlets, like Sky Sports (with no byline) today.

And it might or might not have something to do with Avram himself wading into the Lampard situation with some unsolicited sage advice this weekend on his Instagram. Grant is apparently in the business of “global consulting on mental strength”, and seems to be advertising his services with big truths like “when things aren’t going well you need to be strong, look for solutions and show a lot about your character” and to “do whatever is necessary to do” and to keep your head and “think right and look for solutions”.

Wow, such tremendous insight!

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