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Chelsea reject Inter swap offer for N’Golo Kanté, ask them to go away kindly — reports

Or not so kindly

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There are many uncertainties in this world these days, but we can rest assured in the knowledge that N’Golo Kanté is ours, and no one else can have him. Chelsea’s highest earner, third-choice captain, and undeniably most adorable player may not be the force of nature he once was, when he covered all the rest of the Earth not covered by water, but he’s still an irreplaceable part of the lineup even amid the Youth Revolution™ and this summer’s spending spree. (...when healthy...)

The latter concern is all too real unfortunately, but beyond that, there is no reason to sell and Kanté himself has shown no indication of wanting to leave, so it’s no surprise that Chelsea have rejected a swap offer from Inter Milan for the 29-year-old midfielder.

According to both the Telegraph and the Guardian, which follow similar rumblings from Italy over the past several weeks, Antonio Conte is hoping to reunite Kanté in Milan and is willing to let either Marcelo Brozović or Christian Eriksen go in order to do that. Unfortunately for him, those are not at all comparable options to Kanté, and Chelsea have rightly told them where they can stuff those part-exchange offers. (At least I imagine that’s what we did.) And while Inter are apparently still hoping to scrape together enough to make another “straight cash” offer, I can only hope that we’ll give them the same answer.

That said, both reports hint at the (future?) possibility of Chelsea replacing Kanté with one Declan Rice, though that’s unlikely to happen this summer. Maybe next summer, Antonio?

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