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Willian has chosen Arsenal, will not play for Chelsea again — report

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Bye, friend

Chelsea FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Chris Lee - Chelsea FC/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

After 339 appearances over seven years, Willian’s time at Stamford Bridge is ending.

Barring a last-minute u-turn, the likes of which were already denied once by his agent, Willian will be leaving the team at the end of the season ... and probably joining Arsenal, if the recently increasing volume of rumors prove to be true.

Some are already claiming that as fact, in fact, and some are going even as far as to say that Willian is not going to play for Chelsea ever again. We have been expecting him to feature this Saturday, against Bayern Munich (unless still injured), but according to ESPN Brasil, Willian has already chosen Arsenal and will be finalizing that move “in the coming days”.

Both London clubs had made an offer to Willian, but it appears that Arsenal were willing to meet his demands of a three-year contract and we know that Chelsea were not. There were other interested parties, too, but none made a play as strong as the Gunners.

For Willian, who wanted to stay in London, this is good news. For us, it’s annoying. Oh well, so it goes.