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Tabloid claims Ben Chilwell ‘wants to quit’ Leicester City for Chelsea

Sure he does

Leicester City v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Adrian Dennis/Pool via Getty Images

The Premier League season is over, which means it’s time for the main event at long last, Silly Season. With Chelsea already showing plenty of willingness to party (i.e spend money) like it’s 1999 2004, it’s probably going to be a very busy (late) summer, full of rumors, BS, and the occasional truth.

This one probably leans more towards the former than the latter, but it does fit with previous narratives, so it’s an easy sell.

The Mirror claim that Ben Chilwell “plans to tell Leicester this week that he wants to quit for Chelsea”. It’s unclear if these plans are on the level of me planning to go work out more to give off the 19 pounds gained during quarantine, or if they’re on level of me planning on stopping at the brewery for the weekly ... supply ... drop.

Chilwell apparently “sees his long-term future at Chelsea”, which is a strong claim for someone who signed a six-year deal with Leicester just last season. The Foxes did implode spectacularly in the run-in to finish outside the Champions League spots this season — they had 14-point lead over Manchester United at one point — so maybe that played a part in the somewhat sudden reversal.

Given Chilwell’s rumored price tag of around £80m and Leicester’s stated desire to not sell, if Chelsea want to get a deal done, we’re certainly going to have fork over a princely sum — with or without the 23-year-old pushing for a move. We could certainly use him, but it seems quite unlikely to happen at such terms.

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