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Leicester City ‘don’t want to’ sell Ben Chilwell at £50m — report

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The “more-money-in-the-coffers-isn’t-necessarily-better” theory

Leicester City v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Ben Chilwell is supposedly open to a Chelsea move this summer, and previous reports had indicated that Leicester City would be might to do business at £50m. However, all the emphasis should be on the conditional.

According to Sky Sports, Leicester are in fact reluctant to let go of Chilwell at £50m, and very much intend to keep him for next season. Given their strong financial state, buoyed by their likely qualification for next season’s UEFA Champions League, the Foxes have no reason to sell at all.

They are also said to be confident that Chilwell is happy in the East Midlands and with the 23-year-old’s contract good through 2024, Leicester are quite calm about the situation. They certainly won’t be making a change at left back just for the sake of making a change, especially with Chilwell’s backup, Christian Fuchs, already set to leave this summer.

Of course, Leicester would be (possibly) compelled to sell if Chilwell pushes for a move. Over to you, Benny.