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Chelsea confident Timo Werner deal will go through ‘shortly’ — report


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A flurry of activity and reporting saw Chelsea agree a deal for RB Leipzig goal-machine Timo Werner last week, but that whirlwind ended on a cliffhanger and no one knows when the next episode will air. As Nate Dogg once said, “hold up”!

So how long do we have to wait? Might be a while. Speculation earlier this week pinned the blame on the logistics of trying to complete a deal during a delayed season in a pandemic, with travel restrictions preventing in-person medicals and competition structures all out of whack in general. The Bundesliga might finish by the end of June, but The Premier League’s registration window won’t open until late July at the earliest, for example, after all games have finished.

Or perhaps it won’t be that long of a while. The Telegraph, who broke the transfer news, claim that the deal will go through “shortly” and that “all parties” are confident in it happening. You never know in football until the ink is dry, so even though all signs point to Werner coming, it sure would be nice to know for sure.

Matt Law’s report makes no mention of the medical, instead chalking up the delay to final details about payment structures — don’t we just pay the buyout? — and a few extra details like when to make an announcement.

So, how about ... SOON?

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