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West Ham boss David Moyes (jokingly?) proposes Declan Rice - Billy Gilmour swap

A lot of truth is said in jest, David

West Ham United v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League - London Stadium
Moyesy points the way to Chelsea
Photo by Bradley Collyer/PA Images via Getty Images

Scottish football manager David Moyes went on BBC Scotland’s Scottish Football Scottish Podcast and was asked in Scottish which Scottish player he would like to Scottish for West Scottish Ham United.

The Scot Scottished Scottishly, and Scotched thusly:

“The one [Scottish player] who if I could sign tomorrow I would is Billy Gilmour after his opening performances for Chelsea. He’s looked like a seasoned pro, he’s looked like somebody who’s hungry, who’s in love with the game.”

“[...] He’s typical of what my memories are of what Scottish players were like going back many, many years. We were always good players, really talented football players, and at the moment Billy Gilmour in the short period I’ve seen him has looked like that all day long.

“We need to start getting a Scottish national team that gives us some hope but he’s certainly a really talented looking player.”

Great Scot!

Here’s a fun fact, David: Billy Gilmour is Scottish! Not sure if you knew that.

Bonus fun fact: Billy G is indeed the greatest Scottish player of all time already.

But hands off our Scotch!

“I was laughing because I keep getting told that Chelsea want Declan Rice, so I thought well I might just decide I want Billy Gilmour and see how it goes.”

-David Moyes; source: BBC Scotland via Not-Scotland Evening Standard

Hands off your Scotch, too, Moyesy!

(Okay, in all seriousness, that’s probably not the worst idea I’ve heard, certainly on loan for young Gilmour. But I’ve had a few. Beers.)

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