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Willian keeping all options open, including Chelsea’s London rivals Arsenal, Tottenham

No answers

Chelsea FC v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Willian’s future may be even murkier than football’s in general. While we know that eventually, the coronavirus pandemic will subside and it will have been deemed safe enough to start playing again (even if not all will agree), Willian’s future beyond June remains entirely unclear.

His Chelsea contract is expiring, but if the season extends beyond June 30, he said before that he would see out the season with the Blues (presumably on a weekly contract).

His demands for a new contract are pretty clear, but so are Chelsea’s intentions not to meet those demands. But there’s still a possibility of meeting halfway.

He’s been linked with Arsenal, but he’s played down those rumors. He’s been linked with Spurs, but he’s played down those rumors. He’s maintained that he wants to stay in London, but now he’s saying that’s not a strict requirement either.

Basically, no one knows, including himself.

“I don’t know. I like London and so does my family. However, this is a question that I still don’t know the answer, if I will stay at Chelsea, move to another team from London, or leave England.”

To be sure, Willian would have no qualms about moving to one of our London rivals, including Arsenal, who are supposedly the leading candidate.

Those rumors were put on red alert when Willian’s family chose to wear all red for a game that turned out to be the final game played before the COVID-19 lockdown. In one possible timeline, that could very well end up being the final game played for Chelsea for Willian, even if he obviously did not intend it that way.

“About that… there was no intention in creating rumours. In England, we do not have this situation [like in Brazil] where a player from Corinthians can’t wear green or a player from Palmeiras can’t wear black and white, this kind of stuff.

“So there was one day when my wife and kids dressed in red and she did not think it would create any rumours, there was nothing in it.”

I’m not so sure about all that, but that’s not the worst explanation (joking or otherwise) Willian’s ever come up with for a controversial social media post ... although that’s not saying much.

Despite the mind games, he says that old pal José Mourinho hasn’t contacted him either. Yet.

“No, no. I did not get anything from Mourinho even though I have a good relationship with him. He is not only a great coach but also a great friend of mine. Sometimes we talk but regarding this situation, he totally respects it.

“I learnt a bit from each of them [my other managers] but I identified myself more with Mourinho for sure. He trusted in my potential, liked my football, gave me full confidence to play. He is the best coach I have worked with.”

Talking about Willian and his potential could take all day, so let’s just thank him for the seven years and five trophies when he walks out the door at the end of the season.

“It really is a hard decision. I identified myself a lot at Chelsea, I have a lot of love for everyone at the club, and the fans.

“However, it is like I said before, if I leave Chelsea with no trouble and leaving the doors open, it would be fine to move to a rival club.”

-Willian; source: Desimpedidos via Metro

No trouble at all.

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