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Emerson ‘in no rush’ to leave Chelsea

Rushing slowly!

Chelsea FC v Southampton FC - Premier League Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images

A few years ago, I was vacationing on the island of St. Kitts, and out there on Reggae Beach, amid all the lobster and the bucket-o’-beers, I was introduced to the concept of “rushing slowly”. Like The Matrix, you have to experience it to truly know it, but I imagine Emerson’s experiencing something similar at the moment as well. Minus the tropical weather.

He’s in no hurry to leave London. He knows that eventually he’ll end up back in Italy. All roads lead back to the Serie A, after all. But not yet.

“I was very happy in Serie A, including with the culture, which is also why I chose to play for Italy. A return to Serie A could happen, but I have a contract with Chelsea and I’m in no rush to go anywhere.”

Emerson has been linked with Juventus, among a few others in Serie A, and he certainly wouldn’t mind a reunion with Maurizio Sarri. But with two years left on his Chelsea contract and plenty of respect for Frank Lampard as well, he’s not pushing for an exit.

“I learned a lot from Conte, he proved himself to be a fantastic coach, but I think for the time we worked together and the results we achieved, I got even more from Sarri.

“Spalletti at Roma is more of a friend or a father figure, he talks to you every day, asks about your family, makes sure you’re happy. Sarri is more focused on the pitch, but you can tell he’s got a gigantic heart, even if he doesn’t speak as much.

“They are quite similar, although Sarri is more tactical and focused, while Spalletti leaves a little more room for fun in his training sessions. Sarri definitely got angrier!

“Frank Lampard is young, he was a player until recently, so he knows how to talk to the players. He was an idol at Chelsea and I’m sure he’ll get even better as a coach. He’s got a great heart.”

-Emerson; source: Sky via Football Italia

Chelsea had been planning a major squad overhaul this summer, but the COVID-19 pandemic will surely scupper, at least in some part, those plans, and create new financial incentives for keeping players and their current clubs.

Emerson is in no rush to leave, and Chelsea appear in no rush to sell.

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