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Miralem Pjanić next move still uncertain but do Chelsea really care?



Welcome back to a saga that most of us don’t really care about but are still being force-fed. Hey, that’s like every transfer saga ever!

According to the largely unreliable Sport today, the news outlet not the physical activity, Barcelona has reportedly come to an agreement for Miralem Pjanić. That certainly could be true ... emphasis on could. I mean, when you already have Frenkie de Jong and Arthur, both only 23 years old, clearly what you need is a 30-year-old Pjanić ... but hey, Barca gonna Barca.

The report also states that not only are Juventus giving Miralem Pjanić and Mattia De Sciglio for just Nelson Semedo, but will also pay €25 million ... on top? Wait, what? Does Sport think that Nelson Semedo is Griezmann’s nickname or something, or has Woodward joined Juventus’ negotiation team? Swiftly moving on.

Of course, as expected, that rumour was soon crushed by other reporters. I mean, it’s Sport; what did we expect?

Romeo Agresti soon took to Twitter — a.k.a. the Tablets of Stone for football journalists on which to write their commandments — to say what we knew all along: ‘You know nothing, Sport Snow’.

According to Agresti, talks are going on between Juventus and Barcelona because Barca gonna Barca but no confirmation has been reached and Juventus were indeed not that drunk to pay Miralem Pjanić + De Sciglio + €25 million for one Nelson Semedo.

So yeah, nothing certain. So technically, we still could buy Pjanić. According to Sport however, Chelsea will most likely receive Miralem Pjanić + Cristiano Ronaldo + all the newborn babies of all Juventus players for Davide Zappacosta.

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