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Callum Hudson-Odoi would ‘love’ for Jadon Sancho to join Chelsea

Yet he knows as much as us!

England v Czech Republic - UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifier Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

There’s hardly a day that goes by without a Jadon Sancho rumor, however tenuous, and today is no different.

Callum Hudson-Odoi answered a variety of questions yesterday in an Instagram Live session, with one sticking out in particular.

The question, as you’ll already be suspecting, was whether or not Callum believes his good friend and England teammate would be joining Chelsea in the summer.

In the least shocking turn of events, Callum certainly wouldn’t mind that.

“I don’t know [if he’ll come]. Of course, I would love it if he came to Chelsea

“Me and Sancho are mad close, we talk every other day, always seeing how each other are and how we’re doing. We make sure that we’re both doing well, obviously he’s doing amazing and having a great season.”

(Ed.note: if they talk so much, surely Callum knows more than he’s letting on but whatever)

Go on...

“We’ve had a great partnership throughout, the way we play with each other is amazing. If he came, the link-up will still be there.”

“Obviously he’s a great player, I love playing with him — he’s a great player to play with. For England as well we’ve played all the way through the ages so the link-up has always been there.

“I played against him sometimes in the Youth Cup games or we would play each other for England, the link-up has always been there and we’ve always loved playing with each other. The way we play with each other we just know where each other is on the pitch every time and we just love to play with each other.”

-Callum Hudson-Odoi; source: Evening Standard

Okay, stop. I’m sure the entirety of Football Twitter’s already been sent into melt down mode at the prospect of this phenomenal partnership as it is.

Back to reality.

While it’s nice to hear Hudson-Odoi gush about how well the two of them (would) work together, the situation remains the same as before and Callum’s words don’t change that. It’s highly likely that any Chelsea player would want to see a deal for Sancho happen as he would improve any squad right now. Realizing such a pricey move, however, will be a tough ask.

Having said that, Sancho to Chelsea confirmed!

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