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Emerson hits out at all the ‘fake news’ about him, Lampard, and Chelsea

Doesn’t actually dislike the head coach or his training methods


A couple days ago, Italian sport tabloid Tuttosport ran a story about Chelsea left back Emerson, who’s not featured much at all in 2020, inching ever closer to the exit door and ever closer to a potential landing spot at Juventus this summer.

That in and of itself isn’t much of a new development; it’s been a rumor since last summer, when Sarri, under whom Emerson rose to first-choice ahead of Marcos Alonso, left Chelsea for Juventus.

But Tuttosport spiced up proceedings by dropping a bombshell about Emerson apparently not liking Lampard’s “sergeant-like” methods, which was the first time we’ve ever heard about such feelings. That story was then picked up by anyone and everyone: we wrote about it here, with Rohaan casting reasonable doubt over Tuttosport’s narrative in the process.

Turns out, that story may be just as unbelievable as it was random. Emerson took to Instagram tonight to deny all the “fake news”.

“The world is going through a really difficult moment and there are journalist (sic) who want to spread fake news around to have content...

“I don’t speak too much, but here is my only and last statement regarding these news. I never said that and I think definitely the opposite of what was mentioned (without my knowledge).

“Respect and gratitude always. Enjoy your family.”

-Emerson; source: Instagram

Emerson wasn’t specific about which part of the rumor he was denying, but presumably it was personal bit that prompted him to respond. Transfer rumors are dime a dozen, but an attack on his person and his relationship with the coach are next level, to be sure.

Further reports, such as this one from Goal’s Nizaar Kinsella, claim that Emerson, 25 with two years left on his contract is very much keeping his head down and looking to win his place back (just like the older wing-back Marcos Alonso, who has three years left).

That said, many are expecting big changes this summer at the position, with Chelsea linked to big-money signings like Ben Chilwell and Alex Telles, and selling at least one and possibly both current left backs.

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