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Chelsea lining up Max Allegri in case Frank Lampard sentiment runs out — report

Here comes the p-p-p-p-pressure

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The world may have been turned upside down in the last six months, but in many ways, business is back to usual at Chelsea. The investments, the pressures, the ambitions have been restored to pre-transfer ban levels, and that means Frank Lampard’s so-called “free ride” is over as well. It’s no longer about Youth Revolution™, it’s about creating a stable and dominant power to rule them all.

Ideally, Super Frank, who was of course once part of such a power as a player, would now lead us to the next promised land, but things in the real world don’t always work out in such sentimental ways. It’s too early to tell whether he can do so or not, but since we’re back to business as usual in some ways, speculation about managers isn’t an unsurprising development either — and we’re starting to see some crop up in various media.

But the prize for getting there first goes to Italy’s Quotidano (h/t: Sport Witness), a sort of a highlights magazine from the publisher of some of Italy’s biggest newspapers (an equivalent might be Parade in the USA, I guess?), who claim that Roman Abramovich has been “courting” Max Allegri and keeping him on speed dial just in case things go south with Lampard. Abramovich apparently “wants to win” — don’t we all — and “who better than Max” to do that and “build a solid and winning mentality?”. Allegri’s track record certainly speaks for itself.

This is hardly the first time Allegri’s been linked with Chelsea, tenuously or not. It’s pretty much old hat as far as the rumor mill’s concerned in fact, but he’s been on sabbatical since leaving Juventus last summer — who have since hired Maurizio Sarri, fired Maurizio Sarri, and hired their own Frank Lampard in Andrea Pirlo. Either way, Allegri, alongside Mauricio Pochettino are probably the two most eligible bachelors on the managerial meat market, so any top team will be undoubtedly linked with them as part of any speculation.

For now, we can easily dismiss such speculation as just that, rumors and clickbait. But if results don’t improve, these sorts of stories certainly won’t be going away...

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