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Lampard willing to let Giroud go but only if three conditions are met

All three bases covered

Chelsea FC v Nottingham Forest - FA Cup Third Round Photo by Robin Jones/Getty Images

Yesterday’s FA Cup match against Nottingham Forest provided long overdue opportunities for several fringe players in the Chelsea squad. Olivier Giroud was not one of those.

While he did get named to the matchday squad for the first time in the last eight games, he did not actually get to play, and has now just 2 appearances totaling 91 minutes in our last 24 games in all competitions. As if to make Giroud’s impending exit even more obvious, Frank Lampard only used two of the three substitutions available to him in the 2-0 win.

Afterwards, the Chelsea head coach has all but confirmed that Giroud is heading out, despite the oxymoronic claim that there is “no update”. This is the update, the one you’re giving right now, silly! You’re the one giving it!

“There’s no update on Oli. I have spoken with him. If the conditions are it’s something Oli really wants to do, and it works for the club, and it works for me and the squad, then it’s something that could happen, but only when all three of those bases are covered.”

-Frank Lampard; source: Chelsea FC

When Lampard had been asked in recent weeks about Giroud, he’d always fall back on the “we’ll talk” answer. Apparently they’ve now talked, and basically have come to an agreement. If the move suits all three parties involved, Chelsea (i.e. financials), Lampard (i.e. squad depth considerations), and Giroud himself (i.e. playing time prospects), then Lampard’s ready to sanction it.

Now Giroud(‘s agent) just has to find the right move. He doesn’t seem short of options.

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