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Chelsea hold Cavani talks with PSG, offer no Cavani bid to PSG — report


Paris Saint Germain v AS Monaco - French League 1 Photo by Jeroen Meuwsen/Soccrates/Getty Images

In what’s looking like yet another classic case of self-feeding rumor cycle, Chelsea’s reported interest in Edinson Cavani has been followed by reported talks about Edinson Cavani, and as well as reported reluctance to actually make a move for Edinson Cavani. Set ‘em up, knock ‘em down, multiple stories for the price of one — or in the case of Cavani, seven years of stories. Thanks for your clicks, sheeple!

In case you’re still interested, the latest developments come from Goal’s Nizaar Kinsella, with a report on Chelsea meeting with PSG at some point in the not so distant past (possibly when we sent Claude Makelele to make some overtures for Kays “New Messi” Ruiz-Atil) but “stopping short” of actually making a bid. Why did we stop short? No reason given.

The Evening Standard guess it might have to do with Cavani’s wages, which are “in excess of £360,000-a-week” although wages in France tend to run higher thanks to their tax laws. One would think that Cavani would be more than happy to agree to a wage cut given his desire to leave so badly that he’s submitted a transfer request, but maybe that’d show too much common sense and thus would not be fit for rumor milling. Or maybe that’s just not the next bit of breaking news in this developing saga. Am I from the future?

Most reports agree that Cavani’s looking for an 18-month deal wherever he lands (so 12 more than he has left with PSG), be that Atletico (who started this whole thing and remain the favorites for his signature) or somewhere in the Premier League. He will turn 33 next month. Not to be ageist too much — get off my lawn! — but let’s just say his best years are probably well behind him at this point. Is his not-best still good enough for us at the moment? Maybe. You’re welcome for that bit of cutting edge analysis.

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