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Lampard, Čech, Granovskaia, McLachlan working together on Chelsea master plan for January transfer window

Teamwork makes the dream work

St Patrick’s v Chelsea - Pre-Season Friendly - Richmond Park Stadium Photo by Donall Farmer/PA Images via Getty Images

We’re one day into the new year, into the new decade, but more importantly, we’re one day into the January transfer window, the first time in twelve months that Chelsea can acquire new players through the transfer market.

With speculation rife regarding the likes of Wilfried Zaha, Jadon Sancho, Timo Werner, and many others I don’t really feel like listing, Chelsea are expected to spend at least some of the £150m transfer “warchest” saved up over the course of the transfer ban. But speculation is just that, speculation, and not actual transfers. The likes of Zaha and Sancho and Werner and all the others I didn’t really feel like listing feel more like fantasy pipe dreams and FIFA/FM saves rather than real life. Chelsea are certainly in dire need of some upgrades in certain positions — left back comes to mind, to begin with — but there’s no reason to panic.

Fortunately, it sounds like at least the coaching staff and upper management are on the same page and the lines of communication are as open as ever. That doesn’t guarantee that the correct decisions will be made, but it’s certainly a good start.

“We are certainly joined up. I know we haven’t done anything yet so there is no proof in that. We are joined up in terms that I have very close conversations with Marina, very close conversations with Petr Cech and Scott, who is the head of our recruitment department.

”They know what I want and I will be fundamentally in the middle of who and what we bring into the club. As it stands we are very open about that.

”If it feels right from my side on the footballing point in January, from the club side on the club point in January, then we will make the moves we make. It is a joint up effort.”

-Frank Lampard; source: Football.London

The days of a football “manager” making all the decisions at a football club are long over (and they never really existed at Chelsea under Roman Abramovich anyway), so open cooperation is key between the money side (The Emperor’s Hand, Marina Granovskaia), performance side (Technical director advisor Petr Čech), scouting side (Head of Scouting Scott McLachlan), and the actual footballing side (head coach Frank Lampard).

But that open communication certainly doesn’t extend to the rumor-hungry media and fans.

“I wouldn’t talk about Zaha and the idea of that deal is something I have never even considered.”

”I won’t talk about Zaha because he is not a player of ours. If we have to do business we will do it in the way we see fit to try and make us better and that’s behind closed doors as opposed to just announcing who we might want to bring in.”

-Frank Lampard; source: Football.London

And so the speculation continues.

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