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Official: Arsenal sign David Luiz from Chelsea

Why have you done this to us, Geezer?

Chelsea v Manchester United - FA Cup Fifth Round Photo by Harriet Lander/Copa/Getty Images

I’m not quite sure I’m in touch enough with my emotions to truly describe how I’m feeling at the moment, after the last 24-48 hours.




These may all be synonyms.


Mostly just hurt.

It hurts on a visceral level.

I feel a bit betrayed, to be honest.

This whole thing seems to have come out of nowhere, and I’m watching it all in slow motion, unable to process the images. So I just stare like an idiot.

We’ve been dumped.

Today, David Luiz completed his Deadline Day transfer to Arsenal. The transfer fee, a pittance, doesn’t really matter. This one’s a gut punch and as much as I don’t like to overstate the emotional meaning of sports and football, this one’s going to leave a mark.

It’s all just business in the end. Players come and players go. It is known. It's not personal. This feels personal.

David Luiz has been ... had been ... one of my favorite players to ever wear the Chelsea shirt. He’s one of only two players whose named shirt I actually own, and the only shirt I ever spent my own money on. Such things shouldn’t have any meaning, yet they do. Nothing he did with PSG made me re-evaluate any of that. That’s already untrue with Arsenal, and he hasn’t actually done anything with them.

I’d say I wish him good luck in all his future endeavors, but that wouldn’t actually be true. All the most neutral luck to you, friendo.

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