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Chelsea confirm David Luiz training absence, deny any falling out — reports


Borussia Moenchengladbach v FC Chelsea - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

Our serene Wednesday was disrupted by the bombshell that was this morning’s report form L’Equipe that David Luiz “refused” to train with Chelsea today and is trying to “force” a move to Arsenal.

Even in the context of the penultimate day of Silly Season 2019, it was story that made little sense and continues to baffle in both its timing and in terms of its protagonist. That David Luiz might want to leave was a possibility throughout the past twelve months, but he signed a two-year contract extension in May and surely that was that!

One thing however is abundantly clear, David Luiz did not train on Wednesday. By all accounts, he was not injured. By all accounts he was actually at Cobham, but he did not train. Whether he “refused” to train or it was agreed that he wouldn’t train seems an academic distinction at best. While the rest of the team trained, he did not. That is significant, regardless of how we’re looking at it.

But while Chelsea sources are not denying the absence, they are playing down the idea of a falling out. Multiple reports points to Lampard giving an update on Friday, though obviously that will be after the transfer window shuts on Thursday, so that seems either a) irrelevant or b) irrelevant. Basically, it’s irrelevant at the moment. It does however hint that David Luiz would still be expected to be part of the team.

It is of course entirely possible that David Luiz’s absence has some other, non-footballing reason behind it and this is all just speculation blown way, way, waaaay out of proportion.

Then again, it’s Silly Season, and just as David Luiz returned in spectacular last-minute fashion in 2016, it would only be fitting that he’d leave in a similar whirlwind fashion. (That’s not to say that there’s anything fitting about him going to Arsenal and tarnishing his Chelsea legacy in such a fashion. I love you, David Luiz, but this would hurt.)

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