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Sarri’s impending Juventus appointment already proving an unpopular ‘betrayal’

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

SSC Napoli v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Maurizio Sarri is said to be finalizing his move to Juventus this week, leaving Chelsea after just one controversial, inconsistent, not-as-much-”fun”-as-promised season to return to Italy for both sporting and personal reasons.

However, his move has not only hit a minor snag in terms of the logistics, with Chelsea insisting on proper compensation of around £5-6m (rather than some combo deal), but is already proving unpopular in certain societies.

Even if we look beyond the hilarious and usual fan overreaction of #SarriOut already trending in Italy on Tuesday — Allegri was similarly unwelcome five years ago — Sarri’s getting some blowback from his former Napoli players as well, including a certain Jorginho, all of whom are warning him about “betrayal”.

Sarri has already tried to do some damage control, saying that in professional football, certain choices have to be made without emotion, but something tells me it isn’t working.

“It would be [a betrayal] and that’s normal. Neapolitans had and still have Sarri in their hearts. We know what the people of Naples are like -- they’re very passionate. So, for them it could really be a betrayal, because it’s how they are.”

-Jorginho; source: ESPN

“Sarri in Juventus for us Neapolitans would be a betrayal, and I hope he changes his mind. But you have to keep in mind that Sarri is a professional and he gave everything in Naples. He was very important to me for many reasons, if he went to Juventus he would hurt us but I can’t blame him. It’s his decision.”

-Lorenzo Insigne; source: Sky

“If Sarri goes to Juve, I’ll enjoy beating him. If he goes there and calls me to join him, I don’t think I’ll answer him.”

-Piotr Zieliński; source: Football Italia

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, as they say. Despite his trophy-success and third place finish, Sarri proved highly divisive for the Chelsea fanbase. Now he might be walking into an even worse situation.

“Sarri has no class, regardless of whether he dresses in a suit or a tracksuit. I won’t forget the middle finger he flashed at the Juve fans when he was on the team bus. He can stick that finger somewhere else.”

“He is a fine Coach, but in terms of communication, he was never able to say anything less than unpleasant and malevolent towards Juve. When he gets angry, he throws his hat to the ground and swears. He can train in a tracksuit or with a tie, but either way you need class.”

-Cobolli Gigli; former Juventus director; source: Football Italia

Well, good luck with all that, Maurizio!

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