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Hazard deal again finalized again by Real Madrid, again, with Chelsea again, claims Spanish radio, again

It’s happening, unless it isn’t

It’s been about five-six hours since Spanish radio boldly announced that Eden Hazard will be boldly announced as Real Madrid’s latest signing, within hours. Within hours!

In the words of Judge Smails, well, we’re waiting. Still waiting. Speaking of movie references, “Waiting” is one of the greatest, admittedly juvenile, comedies of all time. Fight me.

Anyway, what were we talking about?

Oh right, Hazard to Real Madrid. It’s done! Haven’t you heard? So done!

“El Chiringuito” even upped the ante a few minutes after their original announcement, claiming that the deal was “official”, even! So official!

The “so official” price: €100m.

They repeated that claim three hours later because the next few hours didn’t turn into the next few hours, so we needed more next few hours.

Last month, these same jokers claimed Real Madrid “will pay” the €130m that Chelsea have been asking for all along. A few days later, they reported that it was a “done deal”. Clearly, neither of things have happened yet, a month on. In fact, reports in England today claim that Real Madrid CEO left after extended negotiations at Chelsea without a deal agreed.

Will Hazard end up going to Real Madrid?


Is the deal actually done?

Probably not.

Will they get it right eventually by constantly repeating “within hours”?


UPDATE: Fabrizio Romano has joined the party.

For now, Hazard continues to train with the Belgian national team ahead of their Euro 2020 qualifiers this weekend.

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