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Derby launch ‘last-ditch attempt’ to keep Lampard — report

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

If we are to believe today’s report in the Mirror, Derby County “have launched a last-ditch attempt to keep Frank Lampard from leaving for Chelsea” by offering him a new four-year contract with a £2.5m annual salary, a solid 40 per cent payrise from his current wages.

And that certainly makes for a good headline, especially when taken those wages are tallied up to a nice round £10m total.

But Derby were always going to offer Lampard a new contract, especially while waiting for Chelsea’s “official” approach — speaking of which, have we made that yet?

Not that it matters because the decision was (is?) never going to be about money. Derby could offer the most they could possibly fit into their budget, and they would be unlikely to come close to what Lampard might (should? will?) earn at Chelsea.

It’s more about whether all those involved are willing to make this extra risky leap of faith at this particular moment in time. It might be the best time for it — it’s the most rebuilding of all rebuilding years in recent history. It might be the worst time for it — it’s the most rebuilding of all rebuilding years in recent history. Decisions, decisions.

But column inches must be filled and daily clicks must be had. So until some actual news drops next week, probably, this is the best we’ve got.

Meanwhile, Frank Lampard remains on vacation in St Tropez. He’s reportedly agreed a three-year deal with Chelsea while chasing the sun around the Côte d’Azur, before his light of youth would become obscured.

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