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Jorginho agent ‘waiting to find out’ truth of Juventus interest

Mr. Agent doing agent things by agenting

Chelsea v Arsenal - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Jorginho and Maurizio Sarri were all set for great FUN adventures at Chelsea, Indiana Jones Junior and Senior-style, but now the man Jorginho considers almost a “father figure” has gone to Juventus and Jorginho’s facing the prospect of a season without him for the first time since 2015.

Unsurprisingly, the initial noises Jorginho and his agent were making about definitely staying at Chelsea have now been replaced by increased speculation, fueled in large part by Mr. Agent doing a bit of agenting. The latest bit comes just as Maurizio Sarri begins work at Juventus, work that may or may not involve his usual request to get some of his trusted players well-steeped in Sarri-ball in to help him. And no player is more closely associated with Sarri-ball than Jorginho, for better or, as he found out by drawing the ire of fans, worse.

“Chelsea have a four-year contract with the lad. We’ll wait a few days to figure out whether there is any truth in this interest mentioned in the papers.

“His past at Napoli won’t be an issue, because Jorginho is a professional. Right now, Jorginho is happy at Chelsea. He found a great atmosphere and we can’t really say that he’d like to go elsewhere, but anything can happen on the transfer market. We’ll wait and see…”

-Joao Santos; source: Tuttomercatoweb via Football Italia

Jorginho has now gone from “100 per cent staying” to “we’ll wait and see”. That may not make enough difference in the end to actually change the situation — and Jorginho does have four years left on his contract — but as the agent says, anything can happen in the transfer market.

This could get interesting...

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