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Higuain confident in making a difference, finishing his career at Juventus

Recharging his batteries for the new season

Previews - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Gonzalo Higuain’s future is once again shrouded in mystery.

Officially, he’s on loan at Chelsea through the end of this month, before his registration goes back over to Juventus. There’s been practically no noise about Chelsea exercising any sort of loan- or buy-option however, regardless of whether FIFA’s transfer ban would allow us to do so in the first place (apparently we can with Kovacic, so presumably we also could with Higuain).

The 31-year-old scoring just 5 goals in 18 appearances, and just 2 goals in 16 appearances against non-relegated teams, certainly hasn’t made a strong case for reconsidering that stance. And considering that he was Sarri’s man and arrived at his behest in January, the head coach’s impending departure isn’t helping his Chelsea case either. But that same move just might help his Juventus intentions.

The Old Lady hadn’t been too excited to add his wages back onto their books either, but with Sarri incoming, Higuain may yet get another chance in Turin. According to his brother/agent, that’s precisely what they’re hoping for, believing that he can still play at that top level and doesn’t have to settle for other options in Italy, or even going back home to Argentina to play for River Plate, where he came through the youth system and made his senior debut.

“Gonzalo has a contract with Juve and wants to respect them. His performances at Juventus have always been good, especially in the first year.

“Another experience in Serie A? No, in Italy he would only play with Juventus. The thought is to finish his career at Juventus.”

-Nicholas Higuain; source: Radio Marte via CalcioMercato

Well, good luck with all that!

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