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No truth in Rafa Benítez link to Chelsea — report

Confirming the obvious

Rafael Benitez is Unveiled as New Chelsea Manager Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images

Things got a bit out of control this morning after Tuttosport in Italy claimed that a meeting was “imminent” between Chelsea and former interim head coach Rafa Benítez, with the intent of bringing back to only head coach more reviled than Maurizio Sarri by a large portion of the fanbase in order to enable Sarri to move to Juventus.

Social media is prone to overreaction in the best of times. Fueled by the spreading wildfire of this news (quickly picked up by the Mail, the Metro, and so on down the line), things were beginning to spiral out of control.

Fortunately, there are some journalists around with actual sources, too, including the Telegraph’s Matt Law, who assures — as much as assurances can ever be given in football — that no such thing is happening.

This link was seemingly born out of the delay between Chelsea and Juventus practically agreeing the Sarri deal a few days ago, but without anything official yet announced.

It should be noted that previous reports made a pretty good guess that Sarri won’t be announced until June 14 (Friday), which is when the Allianz stadium tours were taken off the schedule.

Patience and cool heads are required until then. Carry on.

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